We owe it to our children

SpaceLife Origin wants all children (and future generations) to have a carefree and healthy life. Increasing threats like global warming may lead to an inhabitable Earth in as soon as a hundred years. SpaceX, NASA, ESA e.o. are planning to colonise the Moon and Mars as back-up plans. SpaceLife Origin makes these efforts sustainable by enabling human reproduction in space. A challenge for which we must join together.


Providing symbols of hope and unity

We believe in a world where differences are celebrated and opportunities are shared. However, chances in life are often divided unequally and determined by place of birth. Therefore we support righteously divided education, health and innovation. The SpaceLife missions are historical steps to be taken together, connecting and uniting all of mankind. Reminding us of our mutual responsibility of passing on this planet to the next generations.


Taking the next step in our evolution

Nature has always inspired people to explore new worlds. In these journeys innovation brought huge benefits to humanity. In today‚Äôs changing world we keep pushing the boundaries of  imagination and technology. SpaceLife Origin pushes mankind beyond the next frontier, enriching global self esteem. Showing future generations they can transcend the past and the present. We can only imagine what dreams it might awaken.